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Ashoka Spa, based in Sakinaka, Andheri, Mumbai – offers a wide range of wellness packages. Full Body treatments like Aromatherapy, Swedish etc. to Foot Massages, Body Scrubs & Wraps, Facials & Signature Ashoka Packages are available at disposal for our valued guests.

Those were the days … when two young college boys – friends to the core – used to sit for endless hours on the promenade of the majestic Marine Drive just watching the waves hit the tripods, the sun shining brightly & then gradually setting itself in the vast ocean. Even though the world went by – they still used to munch endlessly about their aspirations, their ideas for the future & a billion other things. The desire was very simple – to be Entrepreneurs & the best of the best. One fine evening brought along with it the idea of their futuristic venture ‘U & I’

After a successful stint in the travel industry… our journey continues to the ‘Wellness’ segment.
Launching now – ‘Ashoka Spa
by U & I Wellness Management Pvt. Ltd.
U & I Wellness Management Pvt. Ltd. is a company established by two young entrepreneurs.
Shyam Upadhyay & Ashish Indulkar
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